What to Consider When Choosing Your CBD and THC oil Dosage

When it comes to using medical cannabis, many people think that the higher, the better. Cannabinoid users typically dose their oils or other products based on the amount of THC or CBD they contain. However, with THC and CBD being so prevalent in today’s cannabinoid-based landscape, there are now a variety of strains with high amounts of THC and CBD. It makes choosing your dosage tricky. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are both compounds found in cannabis plants. But these two cannabinoids have different properties that set them apart. They affect users differently. In this article, we will discuss what you need to know about your dosage when using (cannabidiol) CBD and Delta-9-THC.

What is a CBD & THC Dosage?

In the context of using CBD or THC oil India as a medical treatment, dosage refers to the amount of mg of each cannabinoid found in each dose or serving of a product. When choosing your dosage, it’s important to keep in mind your personal health and wellness needs. Factors such as age, weight, and health conditions will affect how your body reacts to these cannabinoids. For example, usually, a person with a lower weight than someone else will likely need less THC to experience its benefits.

Why You Need to Know How Much CBD and THC You Are Using

CBD and THC can be used for a wide range of health benefits like treating chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression and anxiety. Many have relied on these cannabinoids to counter the cravings and withdrawal symptoms following a tobacco or alcohol de-addiction regime.

However, as we’ve discussed, CBD and THC are two very different cannabinoids. They produce different effects and reactions in the body. Because CBD and THC have separate properties, it’s essential to understand how much of each you are using. If you are using CBD to treat medical conditions, it’s important to choose a dosage that helps you achieve your desired relief. A high dose of CBD may not work for some conditions which are related to pain management. 

Determining Your CBD and THC Dosage Based on the RATIOS

Raw extracts from different ratios of cannabis and hemp plants may contain CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in different concentrations. Medicinal-grade CBD, THC oils and extracts are lab-tested to identify these compounds’ actual levels and accordingly adjusted to maintain uniformity across batches and product categories. You can check the content of major cannabinoids (in MG) in any lab-tested medicinal cannabis products’ packaging.

Final Words

For medicinal usage, dosages of CBD, THC and other significant cannabinoids are essential. We advise you to consult with doctors and medical practitioners before taking CBD and THC oil India-based medicines. They are qualified to prescribe proper doses depending on medical issues, patients’ physical condition and interactions with other medicines patients are using. Doing so will help you to enjoy the holistic benefits of CBD and THC-based medicines.

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