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CannaBlithe being one of the first ventures to research and develop cannabis based medicines with the help and support of industry experts around the globe, being able to successfully create organic medicines which are a boon for managing pain and chronic to severe ailments. We are working closely with the officials for regulating medical cannabis to the patients under safe administration while also defining industry standards. All the cannabis medicines are manufactured ethically under the government licence and are thoroughly lab tested ensuring the quality of the products.

The use of Cannabis as a medicine is largely documented in different parts of the world and has a history of approximately 4500 years of being used as a medicine. We are looking to revive this amazing and rich history of this wonder plant with the support of science and our cultural history .As the ancient Ayurveda has a rich and promising results in the past, it’s about time for people to know about the hidden history and clear various misconceptions due to lack of awareness. We are striving to educate and make people understand the benefits by spreading awareness and correct knowledge. We are looking forward to bringing innovation and results that would help the people and the sector of medicinal science in near future.

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