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Cannablithe Development LLP

Cannablithe Development LLP. was formed for the sheer passion for the medicinal wonders of plant-based medicine can do to increase the quality of life.

The products offered are quality derived from the best cannabis plants. CannaBlithe Development has been an avid supporter of ayurvedic plant-based medicines. Nature plays a vital role in our lives, and using plant-based organic medicines in the correct proportion would lead to a better future.

The use of Cannabis as a medicine is largely documented in different parts of the world and has a history of approximately 4500 years of being used as a medicine. We at CannaBlithe Development are looking to revive this amazing and rich history of this amazing products with the support of science.

At Cannablithe Development, we trust in giving credible yet quality affirmed products with the correct knowledge. We are working hard to educate and make people understand their benefits by spreading awareness. We are a company that is looking forward to bringing innovation that would help the people and the sector of medicinal science in near future.

We Are What You Need

We are here to promote nature, healing, educate and eventually create a Blitheful world!

Natural Products

Made with the most natural cannabinoid leaves.

Trusted Reviews

We are Trusted by people all over.

Quality Products

Quality is what makes us stand apart from others

Order Tracking

By having order tracking on the go makes us one of a kind.

Why Cannablithe Development

PEOPLE TO PEOPLE – high level of consumer confidence

By spreading awareness

We prioritise health above all , We are not just a BTB OR A BTC platform but we believe in educating our customers by making them understand the mechanism of action ,so they can feel and use the medicines more efficiently.

  • Study history up to 30 days
  • Up to 5 users simultaneously
  • Has HEALTH certificate


Vijayaback on its course

Nature provided and science proved it

We are dedicated towards a better future where nature plays an equal role in a healthy life and mind ,while also addressing the importance of the medical benefits in most organic and effective manner.
We have been striving to get to you the best of the VIJAYA(cannabis) based products and unlocking the amazing potential it has to offer.


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  • Doctors recommended formulations
  • Quality certified licensed products
  • 3rd party lab tested for accuracy

iconLatest reviews

Helpful in managing Pain Purchased 4500mg bottle for treating my back pain and got relief from 1st day of starting the medicine, it has improved my other conditions significantly as well.  
Effective and Reasonable I Have tried other cannabis products before but after trying their products I am very satisfied with their quality and price. definitely recommended for regular users
Kamlesh Pahwa
Rated 5 out of 5
Recommended for Insomnia Been a month since starting the dose of .25ml twice after consultation and my energy levels are positive all through the day with much better sleep cycles. Will increase the dosage after another week to see more
Rahul Sharma
Rated 5 out of 5
Great products and customer support The products were delivered superfast on my request. Really happy with the my purchase plus it totally Natural.
Chitra Gupta
Rated 4.5 out of 5
Restored I tried their full spectrum oil after my research and I must say it really shows promising results in restoring my digestive tract and hunger issues back to normal.
Archit Bajaj
Rated 5 out of 5
Natural and effective I have very sensitive and dry skin to most products , But their soothing oil is extremely well absorbed by the body + it’s fragrance is amazing.
Aishwarya Mahajan
Rated 4.5 out of 5
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