CBD & Your Creatinine Levels: May Help You in Creatinine Clearance Tests

CBD & Your Creatinine Levels: May Help You in Creatinine Clearance Tests

In this article, our interest is to understand the impact of CBD oil and medical cannabis on creatinine levels in our blood. We often come across the term ‘Creatinine’ without fully knowing its implications.

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is the waste product from the normal breakdown of muscle tissues. It is filtered through the kidney and expelled in urine as soon as the body makes it through regular metabolism.

The kidneys’ primary function is to filter the creatinine from the blood and purifying the blood in the process. A kidney’s ability to handle creatinine is called the creatinine clearance test, which tells us how fast the blood moves through the body. The creatinine test is popularly known as the serum creatinine test.

Cannabinoids and creatinine clearance

Despite the legal regulations around the production and usages of cannabis in the last 60 years, cannabis extracts and other cannabis plant-derived products have always been used by traditional medical practitioners. Archaeological evidence shows the use of cannabis oils and other products in China during 1900 BC. Egyptian physicians used it for glaucoma, inflammation and enema. In India, the usage can be traced back to 1000 BC, at least.

By improving renal function, CBD and other cannabinoids may help to balance creatinine levels in your blood. As per different studies, cannabinoids can positively impact kidney health in the following ways.

Reducing drug-induced nephrotoxicity – Various toxic chemicals and substances we ingest or intake cause toxicity in renal tissues. It is called nephrotoxicity. Moderate and monitored use of specific cannabinoids helps to reduce this toxicity.

Protection from renal injury – Acute kidney injury (AKI) or sudden disruption in the kidney’s proper functioning can disturb other vital organs and balance of body fluids. CBD and other cannabinoids showed a positive impact in the case of early stages of renal injury. The effect is mediated by cannabinoid receptors distributed across renal tissues.

Fighting diabetic nephropathy – Diabetic nephropathy refers to kidney diseases and conditions caused by diabetes mellitus. Various traditional medicines used cannabis extracts to control the emergence of diabetes. Modern studies show that cannabinoids trigger Endocannabinoid System and mediate in improving renal function.

Prevents Renal Reperfusion Injury –  reoxygenation or ischemia-reperfusion injury is caused by a sudden blood supply in renal tissues after a period of ischemia. Cannabinoids LIKE CBD/THC can potentially prevent reperfusion renal injury by lowering levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines; also, cannabinoids reduced tissues stress from oxidation.

Word of caution: consult physicians 

New developments are emerging in the field of medicinal usages of cannabinoids and other cannabis-extracted compounds. However, we need to understand that cannabinoids do not prevent renal problems. It just cures some renal function related conditions under monitored medication. So, consultation with doctors and certified medical practitioners is essential for using CBD oil in treating nephrological issues.

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