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Introduction: Ecommerce sites and many independent companies, like CannaBlithe, with their own webpages and door-step delivery systems, are on a steady rise in India. It’s not any separate incident, and happening all across the globe–USA, Europe, South Asia and other places. In India, being one of the top brands manufacturing […]

CBD and Homeostasis

Introduction Equilibrium is the stability that every living organism strives to achieve. However, it’s not easy to reach bliss as we almost live from one tipping point to another. Organic life is dynamic. So, maintaining homeostasis is an everyday process and not an ‘achieve it once and forget’ thing. You […]

Introduction In the ever-growing landscape of wellness and natural remedies, one name has been generating quite a buzz—CBD oil. It is gaining popularity for potential therapeutic benefits, starting from pain relief, curing sleeplessness to reducing anxiety and stress. If you’re in India and curious about how CBD and CBD-derived wellness […]

Introduction CBD oil in India is gaining tremendous popularity in recent years. More and more people are searching online and enquiring with their friends and families about the potential health benefits of CBD. Misconceptions are also rampant. As a conscious corporate citizen and one of the top CBD oil brands […]

cbd oil for sale

CBD & Your Creatinine Levels: May Help You in Creatinine Clearance Tests In this article, our interest is to understand the impact of CBD oil and medical cannabis on creatinine levels in our blood. We often come across the term ‘Creatinine’ without fully knowing its implications. What is creatinine? Creatinine […]

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