Health Benefits of Cannabis Sativa Plant

For years the medicinal experts and scientist have toiled to find the cure of diseases from the chemical compounds found in plants and sometimes animals. It comes as no surprise that the nature has provide us with the abundance of resources and one such resource is the medicinal plant, which if known correctly to the humankind can be used to cure the rarest of the rare disease. Out of all the medicinal plants known to us, few stands out because of the benefits they provide to us. One such plant is “Cannabis Sativa” also known as Cannabis plant.

Medical Cannabis History

There exists a rich documented history of the use of cannabis plant as medicine. From ancient Chinese to Egyptians to the other powerful nations and empires that emerged throughout the world, has used this plant as medicine in one form or another. Although, it is extensively believed that Cannabis was first used as medicine by the Chinese around 6000 years ago. It was mostly used to provide pain relief and other ailments. Even in the Indian tradition, if we look into the Vedas, the Cannabis Sativa plant is treasured as one of the 5 most important and essential plants.

Which Ailments can be cured through Cannabis?

As of now, there have been umpteen number of experiments and researches showing the medicinal benefit of cannabis, and the disease which can be cured using the chemical compounds of Cannabis Sativa plant. However, the leading researchers are still of the opinion that the full medicinal potential of the plant is yet to be explored and what we currently know about it is barely the tip of the iceberg. Following are the disease and ailments which can be cured by Cannabis oil:

  • Chronic Pain – The use of Cannabis oil since a long time has been used to treat and provide relief in chronic pain such as migraine, body pain etc. The CBD oil are anti-inflammatory in nature and they help to reduce the pain by suppressing the chemical compound generated by our sensory nerves.
  • Depression and Anxiety – Cannabis plant has shown a significant affect in bringing about a positive change in emotional wellbeing and managing mental health of individuals. There have been experiments which has suggested that the cannabis can also be used to treat the symptoms of PTSD as well.
  • Cancer and related treatments – Although the medical community have difference of opinion whether the Cannabis Sativa plant can treat cancer or not, but on experiments conducted on animal, it has been proved that cannabis plant can kill certain types of cancer cells (Source: CNN Health). The cure of cancer is often associated with chemotherapy, which has its own side effects such as nausea, pain and fatigue. The use of cannabis plant has been proved to treat many of these symptoms successfully.
  • Epilepsy and muscle spasms – There have been a growing number of research and enough evidence to suggest that the CBD oil can be used to give a calming and relaxing effect to the person suffering from epilepsy and muscle spasms.

Apart from the above ailments, there exist a number of other diseases that can be cured successfully with the cannabis sativa plant. As we already said, the medicinal benefits of Cannabis Sativa plant are abundant, and there still exist a void where we need extensive research and experiments to explore the potential benefit which this miracle plant has to offer, what we know about the plant is barely a scratch on the surface.

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