CBD oil: The What, Why, and How

If you’ve researched cannabidiol (CBD) oil, you probably know that it’s a natural remedy with many potential benefits. It’s also one of the frequently misunderstood in the natural healthcare world. CBD oil is made from leaf extracts, not marijuana, and CBD won’t get you high. However, because of its association with cannabis plants, many people are hesitant to try it. If you’re considering using CBD oil to support your health or manage a specific condition, read on to learn more about this intriguing product.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil stands for “cannabidiol.” The “oil” portion of the name comes from the fact that it is usually mixed with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil to make it more easily ingestible. For example, CannaBlithe uses medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil in its CBD products for other allied health benefits. Our full-spectrum CBD oil offers the holistic advantage of essential cannabinoids and flavonoids present in CBD as they work together synergistically to promote healing.

Is CBD oil the same as hemp seed oil?

While both CBD and hemp oil are extracted from varieties of cannabis plants, they are different in a few ways. First and foremost, hemp oil is made from hemp plants seeds and does not contain cannabinoids in a significant portion. CBD oil is made from leaves of Cannabis plants and contains high levels of CBD. Hemp oil is used as nutrition, as an additive to other products, such as moisturizers and lotions. In contrast, CBD oil is primarily used as a natural remedy.

Why should you use CBD oil?

CBD oil can provide relief from many different health conditions and ailments. The primary therapeutic advantages are:

Chronic Pain – CBD oil relieves chronic pain through its molecular interactions and modulation of nociceptive stimuli-sensing mechanism, inflammatory and endocannabinoid systems. Cannabinoid receptors interact with naturally occurring cannabinoids and regulate pain.

Insomnia – CBD in Cannabis oil controls the release of cortisol and acts as a mild sedative inducing quality sleep in insomniac people. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is a significant reason behind our night-time awakening and insomniac sleep deprivation.

Improving digestion – Intestinal permeability can be a significant reason behind common digestive problems like bloating, gas, cramps and food sensitivities. CBD is good for our digestive health; it manages the level of catabolic hormones like cortisol and prevents intestinal permeability.

Stimulating appetite – Cannabis oil can improve appetite in different ways, including reducing stress, improving digestion and gastric clearance.

How is CBD oil made?

There are a few different methods used to extract CBD oil, but the solvent extraction is the safest and also assures the purity of extraction. CannaBlithe uses the ethanol-based solvent extraction process. In this process, shredded leaves are soaked into medical grade ethanol-based solvents that gather valuable cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids from leaves. Ethanol mixed with cannabis leaf extracts are strained and further processed to remove impurities and refined into a concentrated form. Finally, the concentrated CBD extract is blended with MCT oil in different pharmacological potentials for treating various physical ailments.

What are the side effects (if any)?

Just like with any other remedy or medication, there can be potential side effects of using CBD oil depending on existing diseases and other ongoing medications. Some people have reported experiencing mild headaches after using CBD oil; however, this goes away after a couple of days. CannaBlithe advises its customers to consult with doctors before buying and using CBD oil. We also offer a panel of distinguished doctors. You can consult them for different health conditions and how CBD oil treats those conditions.

Finally: should you try using CBD oil?

As with anything you put inside your body, it’s essential to ensure that the CBD oil you choose is safe and reliable. Make it sure to purchase your CBD oil from trusted brands. We highly recommend purchasing your CBD oil from a company that is fully transparent about its sourcing of plants, extraction methods, and ingredients. CannaBlithe offers 100% organic, lab-tested, Ayurveda-compliant CBD oil and CBD oil-based personal care products.

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