The global Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the growing vulnerability of our health. Changing food habits, skyrocketing stress, sedentary lifestyle and extreme climate conditions are playing havoc on our natural immunity against common diseases and ailments. Medical science is making rapid improvements, but, at the same time, the incidences of novel […]

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There is a lot of confusion around CANNABIS oil. Why should you buy full-spectrum CBD oil? How does it differ from broad-spectrum? What are the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil? We have tried to explain some of the reasons. Be with us.  What is full-spectrum CBD oil? Cannabis plants contain […]

What is CBD oil? CBD or Cannabidiol oil is primarily an extract from cannabis leaves. It accounts for over 40% of cannabis extracts and products. Various clinical research on CBD or cannabidiol has shown that it positively impacts cognition, anxiety, pain, and joint movements. Moreover, CBD does not have psychoactive […]

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CBD & Your Creatinine Levels: May Help You in Creatinine Clearance Tests In this article, our interest is to understand the impact of CBD oil and medical cannabis on creatinine levels in our blood. We often come across the term ‘Creatinine’ without fully knowing its implications. What is creatinine? Creatinine […]

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For years the medicinal experts and scientist have toiled to find the cure of diseases from the chemical compounds found in plants and sometimes animals. It comes as no surprise that the nature has provide us with the abundance of resources and one such resource is the medicinal plant, which […]

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What is CBD oil? Cannabidiol oil popularly known as CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid is a type of chemical compound that is found in cannabis plant. For years there has been a growing stigma about the CBD oil, its uses and its legality and is […]

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